Why Frank Lampard Will ALWAYS Be a Chelsea Legend

Updated: January 7, 2015

I’m fed up of hearing Frank Lampard is no longer a Chelsea legend. It’s shocking, it’s painful to the ears to hear such ludicrous statements mentioned about a hero of mine. Frank Lampard is, and always will be a Chelsea legend. He is the greatest player ever to grace Stamford Bridge. He is my childhood hero. He is a role model. He is sitting pretty at the top of my ‘who would I most like to meet list’. He is a legend.

Ever since Lampard has been performing well for City, there have been a growing number of negative comments in regards to Lampard from supposed Chelsea fans. It is truly barbaric to think anything Lampard does for Manchester City effects what he has achieved during his 13, yes THIRTEEN, years at Chelsea.

And therefore, following Frank Lampard’s departure from Chelsea Football Club last summer, an article with such a title seemed unfathomable. Justifying the status of our all-time top goalscorer, three times Chelsea player of the season who boasts one Champions League, two League Cup, three Premier League, and four FA Cup winners medals, Frank Lampard, was not to be expected just six months after his departure. After reeling off that mouthful of achievements, I’d hope that would prove any doubters wrong, but given the amount of discontent with Super Frank it appears that certainly won’t be enough.

If Frank Lampard had handed in a transfer request, forced his way out of the club or acted at all un-gentlemanly in his departure then, perhaps, some discontent could be warranted. But that is nowhere near the case, Chelsea made the decision, they did not believe, especially in the interests of Financial Fair Play, that it was wise to give a 36 year-old central midfielder a £150,000 a week one-year contract. A decision that few could argue was the wrong one, even though Lampard seeing out his career at Chelsea would have been fitting to such a great player. Furthermore, had Lampard been offered a suitable contract it is likely he would have signed it. The fact of the matter is Chelsea Football Club did not renew Frank Lampard’s contract, Lampard left the club on a free transfer, and there is no disputing that.

After being released from his contract, like any person in our society he is entitled to look for another job. Given his occupation he is likely to want to get a job as a footballer. This opportunity arose in the form of New York City, a lucrative move for a player nearing the end of his career. He was then, offered an opportunity to go and play for New York City’s (older) sister club Manchester City back in the Premier League, a team playing at the pinnacle of English and European football. Just take a second to think about that from his perspective: “I’m 36, I only have a few years left in my career and New York City have offered me a whopping £190,000 (reported figure) a week 2-year contract to continue playing football, and in the mean time I still get to play a bit of Premier League and Champions League football. That sounds like a pretty good deal to me.” And it is Frank, a very good deal. Frank, clearly would have preferred to stay at Chelsea, his interview after the City-Chelsea game just shows how much Chelsea means to him, he’s almost saying he wanted the current club he plays for, Manchester City, not to win.

Obviously the contract issue, in regards to whether it was actually ever a loan or not is slightly disconcerting, but more so in terms of City clearly manipulating FFP, more than any animosity towards Lampard. That aside, I can’t imagine Lampard expected to stay at City all season, nor can I imagine City fans, or Chelsea fans, for that matter, to have expected Lampard to perform so outstandingly well he was crucial to their squad.

Had City have struggled this season whilst Chelsea ran away with the league, no one would’ve batted an eyelid about Lampard’s move, even if he was scoring for them. It just so happens Manchester City is Chelsea’s biggest rivals to the title in England. And it just so happens he has performed well for them and won them some crucial points in recent months. Even if Lampard scores 20 more goals and wins City the league, he won’t be any less of a CHELSEA legend. Stop being so fickle.

But what else could Chelsea fans expect from Frank Lampard, he is renowned for his professionalism; he’s probably practicing his shooting as you read. It is that exact professionalism that made him the player he was for Chelsea, that saw him become the greatest midfielder to play for Chelsea Football Club. And Lampard deserves to be recognised for what he truly is, one of, if not, the greatest midfielder to play in the Premier League. Apart from when he scored against Chelsea, seeing Lampard score for City was always met with a rye smile, knowing he was closing in on Thierry Henry in the all-time Premier League goalscorers chart and would further cement his name in the history books. When the prospect of Chelsea’s greatest ever midfielder overtaking Arsenal’s greatest ever striker in a list of all-time Premier League goalscorers became reality, it brought another, slightly more gleeful, smile to my face.

Lampard keeps on breaking records, and his achievements are countless, but what really makes him a legend? In an era where the term ‘legend’ can often be over used, referring to the definition is wise.

Definition of Legend (Oxford Dictionary)

Definition of Legend (Oxford Dictionary)

1. A traditional story sometimes popularly regarded as historical, but not authenticated.

‘According to the legend, Frank Lampard would arrive in to the box at the perfect moment, his impeccable timing and astute finishing was far superior to any other player.

2. An extremely famous or notorious person, especially in a particular field.

‘Frank Lampard was a notorious goalscoring midfielder, there weren’t any better in that particular field’

You can just imagine the tales of Frank Lampard in 50, or maybe even 100, years, the whispers around the, now 80,000 capacity, Stamford Bridge, likening a young sensation to Frank Lampard. “If he turns half as good as Super Frank was, he will have had a marvellous career.”

However as true as those examples may be it is not simply enough to state it but better to support with some facts. As alluded to at the top, Lampard has won everything there is to win at Chelsea, on top of becoming the club’s all time leading goalscorer. But scoring goals is not all he was good at, he is second in a list of all-time most Premier League assists behind Ryan Giggs proving he was more than just a goal scoring midfielder, but as close to a perfect all round central midfielder as you would find. That is just one of a number of individual awards and records Lampard has broken.

List of Frank Lampard’s achievements:

Lampard's Individual Achievements

Lampard’s Individual Achievements

To sum up, Frank Lampard is the club’s all-time leading goalscorer (from midfield). Frank Lampard captained Chelsea to their first ever Champions League. Frank Lampard scored the two goals versus Bolton to seal our first league title in 50 years. Frank Lampard played 164 consecutive Premier League matches for Chelsea, a record for any outfield player. Frank Lampard was voted the second best player in the world (Ballon d’Or) whilst at Chelsea, Ronaldinho just pipped him to the award. They just go on and on…

If those records and achievements don’t show how much of a legend Frank Lampard was, then maybe some videos will, here are some of his best goals for the club. Though, as stated earlier it was never just about goals, Frank played some sublime passes over the years, here are of his best moments. Some other moments that need highlighting is his role in Drogba’s goal at home v Barcelona 2012 and his assist for Ramires in the return leg. He has always performed in big games, when the pressure was on. That moment he scored the penalty against Liverpool in the Champions League, days after the passing of his mother, is well, indescribable, a truly phenomenal man. He was outstanding that evening, that is one of my favourite Frank Lampard performances. It wasn’t always the big games though, his performance versus Manchester City in 2007 is one that sticks out for me, I’ve never seen someone dominate a game in the way Frank did that day, we won 6-0 and it was one of his best performances in a Chelsea shirt (and he didn’t even score), his assist for Drogba’s first goal is sublime.

Hopefully that has explained, if you didn’t know already, why Frank Lampard will always remain a Chelsea legend. If you still think Lampard is a judas, a traitor, or any other derogatory term for Chelsea’s greatest ever player then I ask just one favour from you. Please can you support another club and stop tainting the reputation of the true, rational Chelsea fans that know Frank Lampard is a Chelsea Football Club legend.

Thanks for the memories Frank, forever a true blue and a Chelsea legend.


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    January 7, 2015 at 7:23 PM

    Frank lampard is chelsea legend

  2. Aniefiok Emmanuel Uko

    January 7, 2015 at 7:27 PM

    I am a die hard fan of chelsea


    June 23, 2015 at 5:39 PM

    We Are Fans Of Chelsea And Frank Lampard Is Our Legend!!!

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