EXCLUSIVE With Paul Canoville – Pt-2 – Chelsea’s Woes and Opportunities

Updated: October 21, 2015

Paul Canoville, a Chelsea legend and the club’s first ever black player sat down with Chelsea Index for an exclusive interview, talking about the difficulties he has faced in life, to Chelsea’s poor form this season, before speaking about his trip to India as part of a football clinic where he would also spend time with his fans.

In the first part of our interview, Canners, as Paul Canoville is more affectionately known by the Blues’ faithful, spoke in length about the issue of racism back in his days as well as how it is still prevailing in football.

In this installment of the interview, we ask him on what his perception is of Chelsea’s current slump and how the Blues can fight past it.

“Yeah, I suppose everyone’s looking at that at the moment. The position where Chelsea are at the moment, and they’re not playing very well, not playing with any confidence. I think there are a few new players that need to be added. Centre half, midfield and a striker, and maybe some of the youth players to be given a chance. It’s shocked everybody – as well as ourselves, the fans, the position we are at the moment.

“But this is something Jose will sort out, I think we’re too big a club to be relegated, so I’m not really going to be concerned about that. But, yes, I’d like to see us on winning ways. Aston Villa wasn’t too bad, it wasn’t our best but we’ve got Champions League today [Chelsea were held 0-0 by Dinamo Kiev since the interview]. Let’s see how we cope with it and we move forward from there.”

In recent weeks, everyone has been shocked by the poor form displayed by the club and there have been calls for Jose Mourinho’s sacking. However, the board did the unexpected and published a vote of confidence on the club website. When asked whether Jose is still the

right guy, Canoville had the following to say.

“Yes, I do think Jose’s the right manager, he’s been here and the players have the utmost respect for him. That’s the reason why we’ve achieved so much at the club – he has achieved so much at the club. At the moment it is the better individual players that are not producing or performing. Jose’s used to getting it right if not to choose another member to play – to come in and give in a performance.

“But Jose will be continuing to be the right person for the job, until otherwise. And I think it’s just that all the players have his back and I mean that’s what makes Chelsea such a great club. For the moment we’re just lacking a bit of confidence so, don’t be afraid, don’t worry about that, Chelsea will be back in winning ways, okay? “, he says, trying to instill confidence among the supporters that the dark days will soon be past us.

Despite the slump in form, many supporters still hold belief that the club could still pull off some silverware this season and make cup success outshine the league failings, like in 2012. Does Canners feel the same?

The way we’re playing at the moment, of course you don’t see anything happening, let’s be honest. But as I said, we get our act together, what’s the chance of winning the FA Cup, the Capital One Cup, and if we can really get our act together in time for the Champions League, why not? As I said just a couple of individual players need to be added and yeah, need to be playing on song and this is all I can see, really. Every club goes for it, we’re no different.

“Yes, we won the league, the Premier League last year, but so what? That doesn’t make anything different. All the clubs of today have been bouncing back and played some great football. The likes of West Ham, Man United who we didn’t think would do anything now are bouncing back. So yeah, so the chance is there for Chelsea to do the same, I’m not going to say they’re out of that.”

Chelsea have an interesting set of youngsters coming through the academy and the loan system. We ask Paul Canoville, who himself knows a thing or two about spotting a talent, who the pick of the lot is.

“I’m not familiar with all the names, I do like Loftus-Cheek but I do like the player who plays on the right, Kenedy, the young Brazilian boy. A very strong lad who can work down the line, up and down, he can defend as well as attack.”, he gushes about the Brazilian winger.

“And we got a couple of young lads I saw at preseason, can’t remember their name. One was playing at right back and right midfield, and to be honest he seemed confident on the ball and that’s what you need and that’s what you want in a player. It’s just about giving them a chance to prove in the Premier League and I think in time, they’ll get their chance and that’s the best thing.”

In the upcoming and final installment of this exclusive interview, we speak with Canners about his trip to India and the prospects of Indian football.

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